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Where am I now? I’m still on this journey, still learning but enjoying it! Let me be upfront I love to eat! I enjoy food and I can eat all day long! I’m so serious. I can eat a pint of ice cream in 1 sitting no problem! Being naturally athletic and having discipline with working out has helped me maintain and gain only minimal weight. But you can’t out exercise unhealthy eating habits! IT.WILL.CATCH.UP.TO.YOU!

Yes, I’m a personal trainer I motivate clients all the time to reach their goals. I know exactly what to eat to stay healthy…but I’m not always motivated to do it. Just like everyone else personal trainers eat junk too! And sometimes too much. But because I’m always the one motivating and holding others accountable I didn’t have anyone to check me. And that is why I joined this amazing company! I wanted to be a part of a community where I would have a team that could put me in check! As you know I served in the military and I suffer from anxiety, I’m an over achiever and that at times is detrimental to my mental health, I have a small case of OCD. I want to do EVERYTHING and will push myself to do it, then burn myself out. When the burn out hits me, then I’m unhappy I didn’t accomplish what I set out to do. Working out helps me mentally process my day. This is why my workout starts my day. It clears my self-doubt, controls my anxiety and helps me process my schedule.

I take being a coach very seriously.  It’s important to me that my clients can always reach me, feel respected and heard. To me, this is my passion project. I started this business to inspire and help others and that stands to date. I am INVESTED in the results and success of each and every woman that reaches out to me. As my client you can ensure that no matter what, you’ve got me on your side, cheering you on…always! I just want to say thank you. Thank you to every single person that has trusted me and joined me on this amazing journey.

Thank you for your trust.

Thank you for your loyalty.

Thank you for inspiring me daily.

With much love and respect,

XO Klasha "Shay"

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